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My practice is an embodied journey of healing my relationship with places that represent home through temporal archives, non-linear editing programmes, journalling and socially engaged performative praxis. It’s origins lie within my recognition of my condition as a diaspora; the displacement of a people from their homeland. The photographic investigations ‘Places my Father Exists’ (2012) and ‘Somewhere Else’ (2013) took me on a journey of exploring  and documenting the experience of self as felt in different places. 


In 2015 I was invited by Amin Fakhari to attend a residency in Iran, to enable me to return to and explore my homeland, wherein I began collecting still and moving images alongside interviews with family members; asking them to recall memories as well as speaking with my peers about their sense of self and their relationship to their land on a personal and political note. Since then, I have self-initiated a series of short videos that share those stories through a mixture of archival footage and my own recordings. 


My practice is becoming increasingly integrative and socially engaged after having been a participant in Forum Theatre's 'Participatory Methods for Migrants' civic engagement. My embodied experience has led me to believe that there are wonderful potentials for personal and collective healing through both the forming of archives, the stories we tell and the actions we make as part of collectives and communities.