©2020 by Sadaf Chezari.

  • SadafChezari

ink markings

Together boundless atoms, figures which medle in joy and wish upon the other a dream.

Final scenes in a movie that lead us on to imagine a romantic finale

Those are the tricks of the mind

Point zoom into the fabric of an angle with blind vision

Blind does lead in circles

Phanetic in essence of harboured waves which bring in nothing but their presence

Hold nothing

Wisdom from an owl

Whispering wide wings

Brushing off the sadness of sorrow

Holding ultimate nothings

Far and mare-ish

The figure on the other side

A shadow

Naked with truth

Harlow and spoke

Fearless on a thrown

Dabble up to your skirt

Show the world where it came from

Open like a vase

Let in

Flowers pretty with magical dust

That pollinates and spread love

Language can point you to it at best

The warmth of experience penetrates deeper

Into the well of being than any linguist could travel to

The exploration of the mystical object that is right in front of you

Will lead you to depths far from home so that perhaps one day you can remember you had first seen it long ago in the face of home where you laid your head and dreamt of places far.